Rowville Auto Electrics Battery Brackets 4X4

Our range of dual battery solutions include the manufacture and supply of custom battery brackets and control systems for a wide range of vehicles including Trucks Rv and Earthmoving equipment. We have systems for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. Including caravan supply charging and battery maintenance


Rowville Auto Electrics REDARC Battery Isolator SBI12

The Redarc Smart Start® is a microprocessor-controlled battery isolator designed for use in multi-battery
applications as a solenoid priority system, protecting the start battery from excessive discharge,
whilst allowing the auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads.
The Redarc Smart Start® is designed primarily for use in 4WD and commercial vehicles and is available in four
models; 12V DC or 24V DC incorporating 100A or 200A continuous ratings.
The 200A models are designed for extremely heavy-duty operations.
The Redarc Smart Start® is Australia’s most trusted dual battery isolator and is used by 4WD clubs throughout Australia.


Rowville Auto Electrics Battery Isolator VSR

Matson Voltage Sensitive Relay.
The Matson designed smart voltage sensitive relay, isolates your second battery. This design eliminates the possibility of discharging the starting battery.
A light on the front of the unit indicates charging.
The unit is hermetically sealed which means it is dust and water resistant so it is suitable for 4x4, marine and truck applications
While other units on the market require you to run cables in and out of the engine bay which means more connections, more wiring and overall an increased risk of component failure.